Why SA Businesses Are Embracing Web And App Development In 2021

In the last 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had major effects on markets and industries all over the world. As a way to survive these chaotic times, many companies have been fast-tracked into the digital landscape. In South Africa, businesses have turned to web and app development as owners look for creative solutions to limitations brought on by the pandemic. Here are a few reasons local businesses are embracing web and app development in the continued pandemic era of 2021...

Why SA Businesses Are Embracing Web And App Development In 2021

5 reasons SA businesses are turning to web and app development

1). Customers want on-demand services

George Sibotshiwe is the founder of Uber-style delivery app Sendr. He believes the pandemic has given rise to an on-demand sector in industries. In an interview with IOL, he said, 'Due to implications of the pandemic, consumers are now demanding goods to be brought to them, instead of them going out to seek goods and services.'

Couple this with the increasing number of smartphone users, and cheaper data costs, and you've got the perfect environment for successful digital stores. Web and app development bring these digital stores to life, accommodating the new needs of consumers and making sure SA businesses don't miss out on important commerce. The need for e-commerce solutions has created a boom in web and app development.

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2). The tech is useful in any sector

Another reason why SA businesses are embracing web and app development is that it's applicable to almost any business in any sector. Whether you're in retail, real estate, insurance or advertising, software development technology can make your business more efficient, and help you connect with customers.

CEO and developer Dale Sparrow says one of the main benefits of web and app development is that it can manage industrial-sized implementations. The technology has improved to the point where it can capture, deliver and control data for major companies. It's no longer only associated with building small apps and small-scale solutions. So industries such as agriculture and mining are evolving to include this tech in their operations.

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3). It makes time-consuming tasks more efficient

With professional web and app development solutions, you can skip out some of the more time-consuming tasks in your business. Whether that's inputting data, calculating running costs or keeping up with stock. Dale Sparrow uses agriculture as an example, saying, 'Things that used to be done manually, such as measuring and monitoring the growth of a sheep, can now be done more efficiently on a website.' Web and app development help streamline operations, so you can focus on what really matters in the business, such as brainstorming new revenue streams.

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4). You can improve communication

This is something most businesses struggle with. And, with employees working remotely in 2021, good communication strategies are more important than ever. Luckily, web and app development solutions can help improve communication with your team, as well as with your customers. A simple booking or calendar app might be all you need, or a detailed project management system where everyone can keep track of tasks and progress. And, easy functions like push notifications on an app improve communication between you and your users. It's a two-way street and it works.

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5). You can improve control methods

Rather than having many systems to help you keep track of your business, an app allows you to do everything from one convenient platform. With an e-commerce site, you can manage everything from sales and inventory to careers from your app. For other businesses, it'll give you immediate knowledge of accounting and invoices, vehicle tracking or health and safety. With web and app development solutions, you can be in control of every aspect of your business through one innovative application, making everything that much more efficient and effective.

These are just some of the reasons South African businesses are embracing web and app development. As the pandemic continues, and as technology continues to evolve, we'll probably see many more innovations that help counter the challenges of business today.

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