Want To Build That Game-Changing App? Don't Let Fear Stop You

Of course, some might see it as a daunting task. Especially because there are nearly 2 million apps available to download on Google Play - so you're up against some stiff competition. But, American startup investor and entrepreneur, Steve Eakin suggests you stop focusing on the millions of apps that are already out there, and start focusing on getting a piece of the billions in app sales every month.

You've got that game-changing app idea, now it's time to take the leap and commit to its development. Eakin believes, like we do, that this is the mobile age. And all entrepreneurs should be boosting their mobile presence, as more and more Internet access is coming from mobile. Here's how you can overcome that nagging fear of app development failure...

Want To Build That Game-Changing App? Don't Let Fear Stop You

Tips for overcoming fear in app development

1). Understand the fear

This is the first step to overcoming the fear that comes with launching a new app development project. Ask yourself, is it a reasonable fear? Should you be afraid? If you fear getting into the app game because it means learning to code then that's just it - a fear roadblock.

Eakin compares coding an application yourself to building a house with your own two hands. Yes, it's possible and the tools are available. But it'll take you 10 times as long with major hiccups along the way. And, at the end of the day, you might wish you'd rather gone with a professional. If the fear of programming itself is what's holding you back, there's an easy fix. Hire a professional team with years of experience to get the job done. If your fear lies elsewhere, take a step back, decide whether it's something you can fix, or something you can ignore, and take the necessary next steps.

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2). What's the worst-case scenario?

Imagine your worst nightmare, specifically in relation to this risk and fear of its failure. What would you do if it came true? What would that look like? Try to think about every little ramification, and then place it on the grander scale of business success. For most, the worst-case scenario won't end up being that bad. Or, at least, you'll be able to find quick solutions and minimize damage so you can get yourself back on track. If, however, the worst-case scenario is totally unimaginable and irreversible, then you know you're dealing with something high risk.

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3). Adjust your plan or strategy

Fortunately, you're still in control of the path your app development project takes. Once you've understood and examined your fear, and you find there's something wrong with your approach or strategy, change it. Nothing is set in stone and legitimate concerns deserve to be addressed. If your fear is knowledge-based, take a course and learn all you can. If you think you've gone wrong with something like functionality or even a marketing strategy, get an expert to take a look and suggest ways to correct the plan. Most challenges are possible to overcome. And app developers love solving a problem.

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4). Which risk would you rather take?

This is crucial when it comes to weighing up fear of failure with fear of missing an opportunity. Which is something most business owners grapple with on a daily basis. Any business decision comes with risks, but you need to ask yourself what the long-term implications will be of taking action versus not taking action. Do you want to bring your ideas to light, even if they don't always work out? Or, have loads of ideas but never take any action with them? In the app game, it's about playing it safe and keeping your business as it is. Or taking a risk and possibly seeing your company grow to new heights. You already know which path you'd choose.

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5). Get a mentor to guide you

If you're worried about tackling such a big task on your own, there are ways of cutting down on that responsibility. Talk to someone who's recently launched a new app and ask how they did it. What challenges did they face? Learning through other people's experiences is always useful - and a little less risky. And, if you think you'll need guidance along the way, speak to a mentor about partnering on the project. Sometimes all you need is someone to help you bounce ideas. You might find you had the solution all along.

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As Eakin puts it, 'there are millions of apps earning billions of dollars in the app stores of the world, and as an entrepreneur, you should be staking your own claim in the gold rush of our generation'. We couldn't agree more.

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