Want To Build A Successful Mobile App? Take These 5 Steps

Any new project comes with a certain amount of risk. Especially if it involves playing in a field you're not all that familiar with. Though custom mobile apps have been around for a while, they still present a very efficient and lucrative way of solving problems in your business. Something most entrepreneurs are faced with on a daily basis. But, with 88.5 thousand mobile apps released through the Google Play Store in February 2021 alone - and that was a slow month - how can you make sure your mobile app is a success? And that it'll be seen by the right people? Though the app development game is a risky one, we've got 5 easy steps to seeing your project through. And - with luck - making it a success...

Want To Build A Successful Mobile App? Take These 5 Steps

How to help your mobile app become a success

1). Ask the important questions

Developing a successful mobile app is no easy feat. And, before you start, there are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself. Does my app (really) solve a problem? Is there a clear solution? Will my app benefit the market?

If you can determine a problem in a specific industry - that your app can provide a simple solution to - you're a huge step closer to building a successful mobile app. In order for an application to succeed, it needs to be valued. Which means it needs to be the solution to a problem. Three simple questions, but critical in your development planning...

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2). Dive into research

Not the most exciting part of developing a mobile app, but possibly the most important. And certainly not a step you can afford to skip.

So, you know your app has the potential to be successful - because you completed step 1. Now, you need to dive further into understanding the problem you want to solve, and its solution. Is it a common problem? How many people does it affect? Are there already solutions out there? This will help you determine you're app's relevancy. And, don't be put off by competitors. If you do your research properly, you can find out where they're going wrong and do it better yourself.

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3). Find the right development team

A solid, reliable development team will help determine the success of your app. They should make every effort to make sure your app is expertly-built, delivers real value, and will attract loads of customers. Ken Vermeille is the founder and CEO of a New York development company. He says, "When it comes to mobile app development, it’s not as simple as one might initially think... It’s crucial to keep in mind you’re not just developing the app itself — you’re developing the business, you’re expanding your mission and you’re developing its future. That's why it's important to find a solid development team that's invested in your business's ongoing success."

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4). Make a marketing plan

Developing a brilliant mobile app isn't always enough. You also need to get the word out about it, so that it can start impacting your target audience's lives. There are dozens of ways to market a custom mobile app. The strategy you decide on will depend on the product itself, as well as your niche users. And, the success of your marketing strategy will certainly determine the success of your app. Because, in the end, all you really want is for as many people as possible to hit that 'download' button. Think about things like offering incentives, using social media marketing and creating attractive and unique content for your product. We've got more marketing tips below...

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5). Follow through

Yes, the step many companies skip because they think all the hard work is done. While your brilliant mobile app may have already been professionally built and marketed, and you have thousands of people downloading it every month, you can't ignore the importance of securing ongoing success. Your app is out there and making users happy, now you need to keep it up. Keep communicating with users and making changes or updates to improve their experience. Analyse the metrics, data and information your team gathers about your app. And keep getting better. Technology adapts all the time, and you need to adapt with it.

If you've ticked the above boxes and have a clear strategy, it's time to bite the bullet and get your app out there. Contact us to find out about our custom mobile app development services. We'd love to be your development partner!

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