Virtual Reality: Why It's A Reality You Should Embrace

This massive tech trend has been making waves in the industry for many years. From entertainment to education, there's no limit to the ways VR can be applied to enhance or improve our daily experiences. Recently, there's been a bit of a buzz around VR in the news, and we wanted to know why. Here are some of the big stories around VR at the moment that prove it's a reality that's here to stay.

Virtual reality: why it's a reality you should embrace

4 ways virtual reality is changing the world

Apple is buying a VR tech startup

Earlier this week, it was announced that American tech giant Apple, had acquired a small VR startup company called Spaces. Recently, Apple has been showing more of an interest in the virtual and augmented reality space. So this should come as no surprise. It's also fairly widely known that Apple has been working on designs for their own VR headsets for quite some time. Maybe that's why Spaces was brought into the fold? While we're still not sure exactly what its new purchase means for the tech giant, we're excited to see where it goes. And, if Apple is embracing VR and the thought of a new reality, we probably should be too.

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VR could help grow your business

When the concept of virtual reality first started doing the rounds, we thought it would be limited to gaming and entertainment consumers. But, as the industry grows to contribute over $13.5 billion to the global GDP, that's probably no longer the case. Most IT companies have started testing and deploying VR solutions, and it can be applied in many other fields.

VR technology can help with real-time collaboration in a virtual workspace. And has become a viable solution in the face of COVID-19's remote working trend. It could also assist with virtual employee skills training sessions, and even improve soft skills needed in instances of hiring and firing. If it's implemented correctly, VR technology could seriously help boost your business. Whether you're in retail or construction.

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Medical VR is healthcare's new best friend

This is a relatively new partnership in the VR industry, but it's already having hugely positive effects on patients' lives and doctors' work. And there are fascinating possibilities. Imagine incorporating real-life obstacles in physio therapy, or allowing patients to swim with dolphins as part of their recovery. All from the comfort of a hospital bed. VR van be extremely beneficial in terms of post-op treatment as well as pre-op anxiety. And it can help surgeons train for operations and hone their skills through VR simulations.

Tests and trials with VR are being conducted in some of the world's best hospitals, so it'll be interesting to see what the future of medicine will be like with the help of VR.

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The army is on board with VR

It's not really a surprise that the army is making efficient use of VR software development. The technology can seriously improve their training and reaction techniques by accurately simulating real-life scenarios. Virtual reality can help with everything from learning to fly a helicopter, to identifying targets and diffusing bombs. As well as virtual reality solutions, the US army is looking into mixed and augmented reality development as well.

We're sure to see more and more of this kind of adoption of technology in the near future.

There's no question that virtual reality will play a bigger role in our lives as the tech and development industries evolve. With this in mind, why not embrace these new innovations? We can't wait to see where VR takes us.

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