Trends Forecast: Global Software Development Trends For 2021

No matter what industry you're in, every professional understands how important it is to stay ahead of the trends, and ahead of the curve for the upcoming year. And the software development industry is no different. In fact, as technology continues to drive much of the industry and economy around the world, global software development trends are ever more critical. Recently, the trend forecasters from the Forbes Technology Council have offered their insight into what could be the top software development trends for 2021. We'll explore a few of the most notable ones below...

Trends Forecast: Global Software Development Trends For 2021

Top software development trends for 2021

1). DevSecOps

The idea of DevOps is to combine software development and IT operations to create a streamlined and efficient development life cycle. DevSecOps is about bringing security into this system and making sure the application and infrastructure involved with development are adequately secure. Security and privacy are major concerns in the tech world. This year is likely to see DecSecOps teams monitoring developers' activity and access, especially when it comes to accessing the entire stack.

2). Low-code development

This trend has grown over the last few years as low-code/no-code development allows developers to improve efficiency and minimise hand-coding. It, therefore, makes the process much faster and helps reduce the backlog of IT development projects. A Forbes Technology Council member, David Karandish says, 'Through these solutions, businesses can move forward in their digital transformation without a technical resource at every step.' He believes the low-code trend will become even more popular in years to come and will be critical in the move towards digital transformation.

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3). Progressive Web Apps

It's widely considered that native apps deliver the best user experience in the mobile app development world. But, they also require long-term maintenance and can be costly to develop. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on the other hand are responsive, fast, secure web-based applications that work offline and offer a similar user experience to native apps. They're also less costly. Recently, business have started opting for PWAs and have seen a big improvement in customer engagement because of it. This style of software development is set to be a major trend in 2021.

4). User-experience design

As companies fight to retain customers and generate new business in the face of COVID-19, user-experience design has become more important than ever before. It's all about giving users the best possible experience through experience-led software development for customer-facing products and services. CEO of Orion Innovation, Raj Patil says that across every industry, companies are reimagining their customer engagement models to better adjust to the disruption created by the pandemic. The use of user-experience design is critical to these adjustments.

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5). Balanced development automation

This top software development trend is about aligning DevOps pipelines with business risk and compliance. The process is there to make sure digital products are built securely, without delaying the release to market. It's suggested that more companies will move away from software development automation to balanced development automation and include other business teams such as risk, compliance and the legal department in their development projects. In this way, software development projects will start to infiltrate into other areas of a business.

6). New language trends

As tech evolves and new trends pop up, you might have to change the language you choose for developing your app. According to a recent survey by Stack Overflow, these are the top languages and frameworks to use:

  • JavaScript is still the most popular language, followed by HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, and Java.

  • jQuery is the most popular web framework, followed by React.js, Angular, and ASP.NET.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server are the top three most popular databases.

  • Both Kotlin and Swift, the popular languages for native development on Android and iOS respectively, figure prominently in the list of “most loved languages”.

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As more trends develop throughout the year, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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