Top 6 Tech Movies To Stream This Long Weekend: With Fierce Female Leads!

It's time to take a break. And what better way to spend the Women's Day long weekend than by sitting back to catch up on the best female-led tech movies of our time? This list includes films about innovative technology, as well as ones where the best tech was used to create them. Think Star Wars and Aeon Flux. If you're interested in a tech movie binge this long weekend, look no further...

top 6 tech movies to stream this long weekend with fierce female leads
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Best female-led tech movies out now


American student Lucy (Scarlett Johannson), is living in Taiwan when her boyfriend tricks her into working as a drug mule for a powerful drug lord. When she's beaten in the stomach, the drug sewn into her abdomen is released and she starts experiencing unusual capabilities. With this new chemical in her system, she has the ability to use up to 100% of her brain capacity. Lucy's mind is now stronger than ever, allowing her to do everything from hack computer systems to pause and reverse time. It's action-packed and curiously tech-driven!

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Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron stars in this futuristic sci-fi extravaganza where the world has been reduced to only one living city. Here, the people in power control everything and everyone. Looking as fierce as ever, and using some clever tech tools, Aeon Flux fights to restore order. And save her people. Also starring Frances McDormand.

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Men in Black: International

Now for one that's a little less serious. But jam-packed full of unique and unusual tech gadgets. Starring the talented Tessa Thompson, this female-led MiB instalment sees a new agent come into the earth-saving fold. With the help of a celebrated MiB operative, Molly (Thompson) must track down shape-shifting aliens and prevent them from taking over the world. Look out for innovative tech like flying motorbikes and high-speed laser guns. As well as the signature sunglasses. Also starring Emma Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara stars as computer hacker genius Lisbeth in this fast-paced thriller. Based on the international best seller, the film sees Lisbeth use her impressive skills to help solve a young girl's murder. In the process, the truth about a wealthy family with many dark secrets, is revealed. It's dark and gripping, and will have you on the edge of your seat. Also starring Daniel Craig.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We all love a Star Wars movie! And this one is bound to keep you entertained this weekend. Award-winning British actress Felicity Jones stars as resistance leader Jyn Erso, whose life is under threat in a galaxy far away. She joins a group of rebel fighters to stop the Empire from detonating their notorious Death Star. The plan involves many covert operations to steal the Death Star blueprints.

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Charlie's Angels

Despite what you might think, innovative tech is at the helm of this all-girl action film. In the newest iteration of the famous Charlie's Angels movies, two young 'angels' - and their new recruit - must stop a powerful energy source from falling into the wrong hands. In the process, the girls get to play with some exciting new gadgets, from tiny magnetic bombs to paralytic peppermints. Starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks.

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We hope there's something in here for everyone. So, get the popcorn ready and cosy up on the couch for a few hours of film therapy filled with girl power and trippy tech. Happy viewing!

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