Top 5 Finance Apps To Help You Save For The Holidays

Just 53 days till Christmas and, let's be honest, we're all counting down. But, how many of us are actually ready for the holidays? Have you requested leave? Or, started thinking about appropriate presents? If you're lucky enough to be able to get away, have you booked a budget-friendly spot? The next few months are always some of the most wallet-draining of the year. And, rather than being taken by surprise at the unexpected costs of the holidays, try planning ahead so that you and your bank account can appreciate the well-deserved break. These top 5 finance apps will help you save for the holidays. So you don't start the new year on the back foot...

top 5 finance apps to help you save for the holidays

Top 5 finance apps to help you save money


This is one of the top finance apps when it comes to savings. It gives you a complete overview of your finances, all your accounts, loans and transactions. You can also create a personalised budget just for you. Once you've set a budget for the month, the spending alerts will notify you when you're getting close. And, you can rest assured because the app is totally secure, private and insured - it's backed by Old Mutual. Apparently over 220 000 South Africans choose 22seven to boost and 'boss' their money. Free for iOS and Android.

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Daily Budget

This finance app calculates your personal daily budget, based on how much you earn and how many fixed costs you have. It essentially monitors what money is coming in and out of your account. And a bonus is that it recognises that your budget will need to carry over. If you spend less on one day, you’ll have more to spend the next. So you’ll always know how much you can spend each day. Daily Budget is great if you're saving for a specific thing - like Christmas presents. Free for iOS and Android.

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If you’re looking for a secure app that lets you pay bills from your phone, Walletdoc is for you. It also helps you manage payments without having to remember complicated reference numbers and account details. Just register, link your credit or debit card details and you’ll be given a Walletdoc e-mail address. Then, send any bills to this address or ask people to send payment details to it directly. It can be used for anything from clothing accounts to taxes. With Walletdoc, your finances will be so organised, you'll definitely be able to afford those holiday nights out. Free for iOS and Android.

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One of the most popular apps for keeping track of finances between friends or couples. Do you often go for dinner with colleagues or friends? And when you can't figure out who paid last, you get the bill and move on? If this sounds familiar, Splitwise could be a lifesaver. Not only for helping you keep track of who owes who, but you'll end up saving a heap if you use the app properly. It's great for friends splitting bills, couples sharing household expenses and roommates calculating costs. It takes all the awkwardness out of the friend-finance dynamic. Because you'll have saved effectively by not overpaying for anything, you can book that great group holiday this year. And use the app to help you keep track of finances while you're away! Free for iOS and Android.

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My Data Manager

How much money do you spend on data every month? Probably too much. South Africa is known for having particularly high data fees. This helpful finance app allows you to avoid costly data charges and minimise data use. It also helps you steer clear of extra charges, no matter if you’re on 5G, Wi-Fi, or international roaming. Running various apps uses your data, so My Data Manager shows you exactly which apps are consuming the most data and on which devices. Then, you can set an alarm when a data limit is reached so you don’t go over your budget. Save on data, spend on holiday. Free for iOS and Android.

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