Top 10 Scary Tech TV Series To Binge This Halloween

It's Halloween weekend and, if you're not out and about in costume, maybe you want to kick back and relax at home. Without missing out on the scary Halloween excitement. Making your way through this list of spine-chilling, binge-worthy TV series, you might never want to venture out again.

Here are the top 10 scary tech TV series we think you should check out this Halloween. If you dare...

Top 10 scary tech TV series to binge this Halloween
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Top 10 scary tech TV series to stream now

1). Black Mirror - Netflix

Number one on our list and for good reason. This award-winning sci-fi series hits all the right notes for a Halloween weekend at home. Each gripping episode tells a new story, often portraying the ways technology can be harmful to society. This one's great for tech geeks and thriller-lovers alike.

2). Westworld - Showmax

In this creepy sci-fi thriller, wealthy fun-seekers visit a Western-themed amusement park to act out their deepest desires. With no consequences, because the park is populated with incredibly lifelike automatons (AKA robots). This takes robotics technology to a new level, and will have you questioning reality, conscience and what it means to be human.

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3). Love, Death + Robots - Netflix

This is an adult animated series that seriously stresses the 'adult' element. Netflix claims it to be 'NSFW' - not safe for work - but we're jot sure it's safe for home, either. Unless you're keen on entering a world of terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and eerily realistic animation.

4). Mr Robot - Showmax

Oscar-winner Rami Malek plays a dark and mysterious cyber-security engineer/clinically depressed hacker in this tech-driven drama. This Halloween weekend, you can binge-watch all four seasons and really get to the bottom of the cryptic anarchist that is Mr Robot.

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5). Maniac - Netflix

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are electric in this mind-bending psychological drama that sees desperate strangers sign up for a trippy three-day drug trial. While they're assured the side-effects will be minimal, things don't go to plan and the volunteers are dragged through strange and scary scenarios.

6). Stranger Things - Netflix

Perhaps less techie, and more scary, but this Netflix series is perfect for a Halloween TV series marathon. In the quiet American town of Hawkins, things take a strange and horrifying turn. A group of kids witness everything from mind-altering monsters and child experiments to mysterious disappearances.

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7). Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers - Netflix

Netflix knows how to make a great documentary. This one isn't a TV series, but it definitely belongs on our scary Halloween TV list. Back in 1989, physicist Bob Lazar blew the whistle on covert government research taking place in the Nevada desert. Here, he talks about alien space crafts and the technology he was working with - and why the government wants to keep him quiet. Chilling.

8). Emergence - Showmax

With a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this sci-fi drama promises big things. It stars Fargo actress Allison Tolman who plays a police chief struggling to solve a mysterious plane accident. And the child she finds there. The incident brings about unexplained phenomena and electronic disruptions.

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9). Altered Carbon - Netflix

Set around 350 years in the future, Altered Carbon depicts a world where humans have the ability to upload and download digital versions of themselves. It deals with 'stacks' in the back of the neck - where your 'hardware' is stored. And 'sleeves', the physical bodies you inhabit until you need an upgrade. Death is a thing of the past and technology has taken over.

10). Lost in Space - Netflix

On a distant and dangerous planet, the Robinson family must fight to survive and, hopefully, escape this frightful new world. Hidden dangers lurk around every corner and two technologies struggle to come out on top - human tech, and the alien robot tech the Robinsons are surrounded by. A fascinating Halloween TV series for sci-fi fans.

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