The Software Development Industry Is Booming! Here's Why...

Even though the year 2020 has seemed pretty bleak, there's definitely light at the end of the tunnel. And, when you look at the major global trends at the moment, it's no surprise that the tech and software industry is on the rise. Everyone wants software engineers. Which is why now could be the perfect time to start a career as a software developer. If that's what you're thinking, or if you're just after some good news, here's everything you need to know about the booming software development industry...

The software development industry is booming. Here's why

Why is the software development industry doing so well?

The numbers are up. Way up

And, we mean on a global scale. According to a survey done by Evans Data Corporation, 2019 saw 26,4 million software developers in the world. And that number is expected to increase to 28,7 million by 2024. And up to 45 million by 2030. At the moment, the US is in the lead with the highest number of developers in the world, but Evans predicts that by 2024, India will have overtaken the States to claim the number one spot.

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And, according to German statistics company Statista, the software industry is projected to be worth a staggering $507 billion by 2021. There's also expected to be a 22,8% employment growth between now and 2022, which is significantly higher than most other occupations. If you were ever interested in getting into the software development game, now's the time.

COVID-19 hasn't slowed things down

The world has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic, and very few industries and businesses have escaped unscathed. Of course, the software development sector has been affected, but the current overall outlook is positive. Which is more than many other industries can say. Due to COVID-19, there's been a general shift towards remote working, online operations and the adoption of innovative technology to keep societies going. And software development has been a crucial player during this time. More and more companies are willing to pay skilled developers to help them keep their business alive and adapt to life during COVID-19.

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Development skills are in high demand

And, not just in one area. Companies are looking for everyone from skilled testers and VR developers to experienced DevOps professionals.

Testing is a huge part of software development, and is an important standalone skill to have. As a software developer, you might work on cradle-to-grave projects, but be prepared to be asked to join a small development team simply to test their product. Software tester Justin Rohrman from Excelon Development affirms that, "There will be a continued drive in the market toward skilled testers that can be dropped into small development teams and be effective quickly."

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In the technology world, Virtual Reality (VR) is undoubtedly the next big thing. It's estimated that the demand for developers with VR skills has gone up by almost 40% year on year. This helps prove that VR is a growing tech trend, as major companies like Facebook, Samsung and Apple develop and improve their VR departments.

Another skill that's in high demand is that of DevOps. According to an Australian survey of over 300 employers, that's the top attribute they were looking for in developers. If you don't know, DevOps is a dual role of development and operations and is there for one key reason - efficiency. And, one of the perks is that you're always working with new teams on new projects to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

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There are opportunities in other industries

It used to be that software developers and engineers could expect a thriving career in their specific industry, generally working for tech or IT companies. But, as the demand for developers grows, there are exciting roles available in a host of businesses. Experts are saying that, at the moment, it depends on where each individual developer's passion lies. You can follow a software development career in industries like retail, healthcare, research or even government. Of course, every industry has it's pros and cons, so take your time before settling on a certain career path. But, the good news is, there are more and more options available.

It's great to see that even in these trying times, there are certain industries that are growing and succeeding. Anything that contributes to the local and global economy is a serious win and we want to celebrate it!

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