Software Developers In High Demand Right Now, Says CareerJunction

Recruitment and job hunting platform CareerJunction recently released their latest Index showing the most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now. They do this every few months as a way of keeping track of demand for jobs, job searches, as well as the most sought-after job skills. According to the portal, the seasonally-adjusted demand profile for jobs in South Africa increased by 6% in January, while job search activity increased by 8%. Here, we take a look at which professions are most in-demand right now. The good news? Software development is right up there...

Software Developers In High Demand Right Now, Says CareerJunction

Software developer jobs are in demand right now

The most sought-after jobs

According to CareerJunction, the following occupational fields are currently the most sought-after skill sets in the job market:

  • Software Development – There's been a declining trend in hiring activity, but software developers remain highly demanded in the local job market.

  • Middle / Department Management – Demand for middle and department managers saw hardly any change since December 2020. Middle management skills are in demand.

  • Representative / Sales Consulting – Despite a dip in demand, sales representatives remain in high demand.

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These findings were confirmed by recruitment specialist Michael Page and skills-related data released by FNB. These were their findings regarding the skills most sought after by local firms:

  • IT Specialists: With tech advancements and many organisations undergoing digital transformation, hiring IT specialists on a project-by-project basis has proven to be a working solution. Especially when the work-from-home flexibility is a priority. IT specialists already have sound processes in place, which helps speed up deadlines as time doesn't need to be spent getting temp workers ‘up to speed’.

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  • Change Management / Turnaround Specialists: Organisations are having to restructure their businesses to accommodate the ‘new normal’. For this, professionals with expertise in formulating change strategies are in demand. The goal is to make sure businesses can develop cultures of agility and responsiveness in order to stay competitive.

  • Finance Project Experts: With many businesses adversely impacted in terms of their finances, specialists with forecasting and decision-making experience are in demand.

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So what does this mean?

We're all adapting to, as CareerJunction says, the 'new normal'. And our businesses have to adapt with us. As these insights indicate, software development is one of the key industries that can help you succeed and keep your business up to date with digital transformation. In the above information, you can see which positions have become more popular in the online job market. Namely, ones for developers, IT specialists and change guru's. According to CareerJunction, the IT, business & management and finance sectors are the most sought-after sectors. Following these are sales, admin, office & support and engineering sectors.

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FNB also mentioned that people with knowledge of data science, data analytics and fintech skills are likely to become hugely sought after as companies embrace a digital-first way of operating. As the pandemic shows little sign of slowing down, these could be the industries to get into if you're starting out in the job world or looking to make a change to your career. In our increasingly digital world, these skills are likely to be in demand for many years to come.

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