Robot Concierge Welcomes You At Sandton's Hotel Sky

In the heart of Sandton, one hotel has decided to embrace technology to give their guests a truly unique and state-of-the-art experience. Located at 150 West Street in Sandton - and with plans to open a second property in Cape Town this April - Hotel Sky offers luxury, convenience and cutting-edge technology. Of course, there are all the things you'd expect from an opulent city hotel, like elegant restaurants, cocktail bars and high-speed Wi-Fi, but this establishment has taken the modern hotel experience one step further in terms of their most recent staff acquisitions. Who have they hired? Three AI-enabled robot employees called Micah, Lexi and Ariel. Find out more about Hotel Sky's latest robot concierge team below...

Robot Concierge Welcomes You At Sandton's Hotel Sky

Sandton's Hotel Sky employs three robot staff members

What do we know about the robots?

Other than their names Micah, Lexi and Ariel, we know that the AI machines were 'hired' to help streamline the guests' experience. They assist with things like room service delivery, luggage carriage and guest information, answering dozens of questions about anything from hotel amenities to the rules and regulations. They also provide fun and admittedly tech-savvy entertainment, offering to pose for a selfie or show off their robot skills. They add an interesting and functional element to this avant-garde establishment.

Courtesy of TimesLIVE, check out the video below to find out more...

Does the hotel feature any other high-tech advancements?

As mentioned in the video, there's a digital booking and check-in system managed via the hotel's app. You also won't be issued hotel key cards, as access to the rooms is gained through the app. And, while you explore the hotel's digital offering, be sure to check out the digital grand piano that will play any tune you care to request. Another smart and novelty entertainment option at Hotel Sky.

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Which other establishments in SA are robot-friendly?

While many hotels in South Africa have introduced technology to help adapt to life during COVID-19, incorporating things like contactless check-in systems and digital menu's, the idea of robot staff is still relatively new. But, if Hotel Sky's robot team is met with success, we could start seeing more and more friendly AI faces. One pioneering cruise ship, the Royal Caribbean employed the world's first robotic bartenders a few years ago. And, as they mix two drinks per minute and serve anything from martinis to margaritas, the robots at the Bionic Bar have caused quite a stir.

As always with technology, we're left wondering - where to next?

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