No-Code App Development: Why It'll Be A Major Trend In 2021

It might seem strange that a major app development trend for 2021 actually involves less coding. And, while app development still depends of traditional developers and their ability to write code, there's a whole category of programming that can be built with low/no-code practices. In a recent Google Cloud blog post, product marketing manager at Google, Jennifer Cadence explained why the no-code development trend was gaining major momentum. According to Cadence, no-code has various benefits for business owners and development teams alike. Here are a few reasons why no-code app development is expected to be a major tech trend in 2021...

No-Code App Development: Why It'll Be A Major Trend In 2021

What is no-code app development?

Cadence believes that the events of 2020 brought about the need for regular members of the work force to be able to create software solutions without having loads of official coding knowledge. And, through leveraging technology and making use of no-code platforms like AppSheet, non-technical employees can build custom solutions to suit their needs and the needs of their company. In the aftermath of COVID-19, it became clear that businesses from construction and manufacturing to real estate needed to adapt to a more digital existence. And so the no-code development trend was born, and the tech that allowed people to develop with very little coding knowledge was created. Proving the age-old saying that necessity is the mother of invention.

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Why no-code app development will trend in 2021

It provides speed and agility

According to Cadence, a recent survey of app creators using Google Cloud's platform, AppSheet, found that no-code practices were significantly faster than traditional coding. Some 32% of respondents cited speed of development as one of the greatest benefits to using no-code. She said, 'Faster development times mean more responsive iterations, more problems being solved, and potentially greater impact for those that need tailored line-of-business solutions.' If no-code offers more employees the opportunity to build custom solutions themselves - and build them in a quicker timeframe - it's no wonder it's becoming such a popular development trend.

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It improves productivity and collaboration

In the face of COVID-19, Cadence believes that collaboration became one of the key ingredients to success. And there are two main ways that no-code development boosts collaboration. The first is between developers; the creator-to-creator relationship. Once an app is shared with another creator, you have to ensure the data source in use is designed for manageability, iteration, security, and friction-free access. So you can work together.

The other aspect of collaboration is between the creator and the end-user. Because the no-code approach allows creators to build one app that’s compatible across all devices - desktop, tablet, mobile etc. - it allows them to see what the end-user will see and anticipate possible challenges. This creates better engagement between the creator and the end-user and also increases the app-builder's productivity.

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It respects governance and security

Cadence cited governance as one of the most-discussed topics in IT last year, with a fair portion of enterprises spending money on shadow IT. She said, 'When an IT team can set policies and provide oversight for non-technical teams within the organization, employees on the ground can problem solve quickly without creating management and governance liabilities'. According to her, no-code development platforms understand and respect IT governance and limitations. And provide creators with a safe space to innovate without disrupting shadow IT management. It's a more secure and more aware way of developing.

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It promotes Digital Transformation

And, finally, the most important reason to adapt to the idea of no-code development. As businesses fight to survive in the pandemic climate, the need for digital transformation is only growing. But, not many companies can afford for one department to focus on this transformation alone. With no-code development, non-technical developers known as 'citizen developers' can step in to help with the digital transformation process, no matter which department they're from. This opens up opportunities for all employees to contribute to custom, digital solutions and will, hopefully, help speed up the transition to digital systems. According to Cadence, '2021 will bring about new ways to engage with no-code, ways that we believe will help creators deepen their skills and create true impact for their organizations.'

Time to embrace this new coding trend?

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