Innovative Thinking: Our History

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We were first established in 2012 by our founder, Brad Ottley, in Johannesburg, South Africa. With knowledge of the security and health and safety sectors, Brad begun to develop softwares that could negate some of the difficulties seen in these industries. As the need begun to increase the softwares become more and more robust. These included Security Control and OHS Assist.

As the years past and more software developers joined the growing team, these initial products where updated and become more comprehensive. The focus was to then take them from company specific solutions to softwares that apply to industries as a whole. This entailed getting client feedback on exactly what was required, the level of complexity needed and the generic user profile. This information allowed us to develop broader, more accessible products.

This process was a learning curve for us, but it also gave us vital insight into what is most important when determining a client's needs. This means knowing which questions to ask, scaling a project and knowing where you can use a bit of 'developers licence'. These skills, which were built over time, are essential.

Innovative Thinking has grown over the last year, taking on different projects from multiple industries. These projects have varied in size and functionality. Our past experience as well as our drive to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies ensures that we continue to develop high quality products. This methodology, as well as our structured pricing packages, makes it possible for all companies in the Sandton/Fourways area to have access to reliable and affordable software development. Take a look at your App Development Pricing Packages on our website.

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