How A Custom Mobile App Can Boost Your Travel Business

As every industry adopts digital solutions, it was only a matter of time before travel businesses hopped on board. Of course, there are industry giants like Airbnb leading the way, but it doesn't mean there isn't space for your travel business in the world of custom mobile apps. Now, as travel requirements and restrictions become more complicated, there's even more need for experts in the industry to make their services accessible. Where can South Africans travel? How can we get there? What are the best local options? If you can answer these questions, and want to boost your travel business with a custom mobile app, we have some ideas to get you started...

How A Custom Mobile App Can Boost Your Travel Business

5 ways a mobile app can benefit your travel business

1). A one-stop-shop for customers

While there are loads of travel apps on the market, helping customers book accommodation or flights, there isn't really a one-stop-shop for all travel-related needs. You book a room on one app, flights on another, activities through a third, and it can all get a bit confusing. Maybe that's why, according to Forbes, you need a travel agent now more than ever. Now, during the pandemic, they can help you navigate the complex travel landscape.

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Imagine combining all that knowledge and those resources and packaging it in a convenient mobile app. You can reach travellers on the go and cover myriad features from location information, ticket availability, booking opportunity and payment options to itineraries and nearby restaurants. Loads of South Africans want to travel locally, but they might not know where to start. A custom mobile travel app could give them that helping hand.

2). Easy enquiries

One of the best things about a custom mobile app for a travel business is that it makes communication between you and your clients easier. Firstly, it's easy to get specific information about your users' preferences and requirements - with something simple like an online questionnaire or chatbot feature. Making your initial communication that much more informed. And, if your client wants to enquire about a booking, opportunity or offer, they can send it immediately. Both parties are immediately contact-able through the app.

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3). Personalisation and discounts

A mobile app is a perfect opportunity for an operator or agent to provide handy discounts, special offers or exclusive deals for their customers. The modern trend for personalization opens broad opportunities in this sphere. Send your client a birthday promo code or a special offer for his or her most favourite destination and your agency is sure to gain a permanent customer.

4). Real-time updates and ICE contacts

When people travel, they're bound to encounter a hiccup or two. They get lost, miss a bus, lose their luggage, forget about load shedding or curfew, and they need help. Fortunately, even if they can't make calls due to roaming restrictions, they can still get hold of an agent as long as there's a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile app. This means clients can easily reach you if they run into trouble. And you can let them know about any updates, from flight delays to changes in the weather. Information can be personalised to each individual client and their itinerary.

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5). Better brand promotion and marketing

Are you failing to attract new customers? Maybe it's just because they don't know about your business and what amazing bespoke services you offer. Fortunately, a mobile app provides a cost-efficient and direct marketing strategy to make your brand stand out and keep you front-of-mind with users. Once your app has been downloaded, you can attract customers with push notifications and keep engaging them even after a trip is completed. And, according to Statista, travel apps have the longest uninstall periods.

All in all, a custom mobile app can help you learn more about your clients - from birth dates and past journey histories to habits as a tourist - so you can give them a personal service. And offer them a complete, convenient travel experience. It'll get word out about your business and keep clients coming back. If that doesn't help boost your travel business, we don't know what will.

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