Black Friday 2020: 5 Apps To Make The Most Of Online Deals

One of the biggest sales of the year is almost upon us and, already, people are planning their Black Friday purchases. From TVs and PlayStations to bargain Christmas gifts. The only thing is - this year - do we really want to be cramming into stores in busy shopping malls? We've all seen the videos of shopping mayhem from previous Black Fridays and there isn't much social distancing there. The good news is that even if you don't want to grab your mask and hit the stores, there's no need for you to miss out on the crazy annual deals. These 5 apps will help you make the most of loads of Black Friday specials. And you won't have to leave your living room. Check out these great local online shopping apps, and get your credit cards ready...

Black Friday 2020: 5 Apps To Make The Most Of Online Deals

Best apps for Black Friday shopping


This top local retailer is a Black Friday favourite. And, because they know how popular their goods are, the often extend their annual Black Friday deals to the whole of November. This year, they've been offering significant discounts since 2 November as a build up to their main event - the Blue Dot Sale - that starts exactly 1 minute past midnight on Friday 27 November. Takealot also famously celebrates Cyber Monday with more deals and discounts.

In order to boost sales on the Takealot app, the company has said that over 200 new deals will be released daily. This is exclusive to the app, where you can shop anything from camping chairs to craft gin. It's definitely worth downloading the app to take full advantage of their app only deals.

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This massive online shopping platform is associated with Takealot, so the deals are similarly impressive and the customer service is top notch. If you're new to online shopping, start with Superbalist because of their excellent returns and exchange policy.

Like Takealot, Superbalist has also been offering deals in the run-up to Black Friday. Discounts are updated daily on brands like Adidas, Nike, Timberland and MANGO. They also have an extensive home and beauty offering as well as exclusive app-only deals. Shopping on the app is more user-friendly than going onto the website, so there's no excuse to miss out on their Black Friday specials.

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The Woolies online shopping app has been installed over 1 million times according to Google Play, so you're almost guaranteed a proper shopping experience. As with many local retailers, Woolworths has been offering Black Friday-related deals for most of November. And the savings are set to continue until 6 December. If you don't want to brave the busy Woolworths stores, the user-friendly app - that has all the Black Friday savings and more - is the way to go. Link your WRewards card or Woolies credit card to make the most of exclusive offers.

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Black Friday deals on this easy-to-use app include discounts of up to 70%. And, more good news is that the deals will continue until 30 December. Though the platform struggled to keep up with last year's Black Friday rush - deliveries were delayed and there were a few issues with stock - their online shopping experience has greatly improved. Recent services have been simple and efficient, so we're anticipating an excellent Black Friday experience. Brands on Zando include Polo, Vans, Billabong, as well as over 800 other quality names. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, expect great deals on fashion, jewellery, grooming products and homeware.

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Mr Price

Another great online shopping app, and they've really embraced the Black Friday deals this year. Right now, they're offering exclusive savings until 25 November and deals are set to intensify on Friday 27 November. Savings include things like coupon codes for cart amounts of over R600, as well as 'spend to save' deals. You'll save on fashion and home items and, to make the most of the Black Friday deals on Sport, register on the Mr Price Sport website. You'll 'stay ahead of the game' as the app promises. Deals on fashion, home and sport might differ, but they're all set to be Black Friday brilliant.

Don't worry if your favourite store isn't on the list. Check out the app store to search for individual retails applications where there are bound to be more great Black Friday deals.

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