Best Coding Languages In 2021 - According To Developers

For years, there's been a debate around which coding languages are the best, most desired, most useful, etc. And, because there are so many to choose from, and they all offer slightly different advantages, the debate rambles on. This year, however, Cape Town software company OfferZen has some useful insights to share. In their annual State of the Software Developer Nation report, they've looked at things like which languages developers want to code in, versus the languages they currently code in. And, hopefully, you'll find the results quite enlightening. Below, we take a look at which coding languages are likely to come out on top in 2021, according to developers...

Best Coding Languages In 2021 - According To Developers

2021's best languages to code in

Firstly, there's the question of the most desired languages to work in, in 2021. This category isn't about what languages are currently being used, but about the languages developers want to use. There's a slight difference, but the top most-desired programming language for 2021 shouldn't surprise you...

As you see, Python wins the category by a mile. And poor old PHP is the most disliked programming language among the experts. But why is Python so popular at the moment? Some say it's because it has simplified syntax and more of an emphasis on natural language, making it more accessible than some of the more complex languages. You can also learn Python fairly quickly, which is why it's become so popular with first-time coders. According to OfferZen, developers want to learn Python in 2021 a way to enter the up-and-coming AI and cloud engineering space. These industries are on the rise and developers want to get in on the action...

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Making our way down the list of languages developers want to work with, you see that TypeScript and JavaScript are just about neck-and-neck in terms of popularity. And SQL comes in as the language developers are least excited about working with in 2021.

What else can the top coding languages tell us?

We've seen which languages developers are most excited about using in 2021 - the ones they wish they were coding in. Now let's look at what programming languages the coders in South Africa are actually using every day.

Here's where it gets interesting. Because while Python might be the programming language local developers most want to work with this year, it doesn't seem to be top of the list right now. That might be because some companies haven't discovered the values of Python yet, and are still coding in legacy languages. Or that JavaScript is still the most popular language for web and mobile app development. Because, the number one coding language currently being used the most in South Africa is JavaScript - by far. And Python is sitting somewhere in the middle of our list, with only 28.5%.

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If you're starting out in the industry and wondering which programming languages to focus on, we hope these insights have moved your decision along. And, if you're a business owner looking to outsource a software development project, now you have slightly more knowledge of the industry and how it works.

For more useful insights into the world of software development in South Africa, check out the State of the Software Developer Nation report. Analysing results from over 3 500 local developers, it'll tell you everything from which tech industries developers are most excited about, to how much you're likely to make as a junior coder. An interesting snippet? A Johannesburg software developer with just 1 -2 years experience is likely to earn around R20 000 per month. Something to think about if you're starting out in the industry...

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