6 Ways To Get That Chilled Holiday Feeling, Even If You're Staying Home

There's something about going on holiday - and getting out of the house - that just puts us at ease. As if being in a different place will help us leave our troubles behind. And, normally, it does. But, as with everything in the wake of COVID-19, holidays will be a little different this year. Many of us have decided to stay home, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't appreciate a break from the madness. Author and business psychologist Tony Crabbe and physiologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan are our experts - ready to share ideas on how to get that chilled holiday feeling even if you're staying home. Have a look at these 6 easy ways to take an at-home holiday from busy lives...

6 Ways To Get That Chilled Holiday Feeling, Even If You're Staying Home

6 ways to create a holiday feeling at home

Stop multi-tasking

Playing hopscotch between one task and the next is an easy way to have a constantly busy mind. We're used to doing 100 jobs a day and, often, not doing them properly because we're so distracted. Technology also doesn't help in this regard because it allows us to switch from one task to the next, fragmenting our attention and slowing our real progress. For the next few weeks, think about better attention management, rather than time management. Keep your focus simple and stick to doing one thing at a time. Your mind will start to feel clearer and more at ease.

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Put the tech away

Technology has made it so easy to access information, so that we're always in a state of stimulation or communication. Let's face it, it becomes quite draining. If you're setting screen-time limits for your kids these holidays, do the same for yourself. Sure, you might need to answer an e-mail or check out that hilarious YouTube clip but, after a certain time, make the conscious decision to put all the tech away. Close your laptop, silence your phone and concentrate on being where you are.

Appreciate your inner circle

You might have 500 friends on Facebook, but what's the best you don't really keep in touch with most of them? Tony and Dr Nerina think there's such a thing as the 'magic 15'. Just 15 people you cherish most, that contribute meaningfully to your life and bring you joy. You likely know exactly who these people are but, if you need a reminder, write the names down. Then, determine to spend more time with them.

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Have holiday-style mornings

On holiday, don't you wake up slowly, have a cup of coffee in bed and take your time before tackling the day's activities? Even if you're staying home these holidays, there's nothing stopping you from starting the day in the same leisurely manner. You'll find you're in a better frame of mind and feel more in control - ready for whatever the days holds. Even if it's a frantic Christmas lunch with the extended family...

Challenge your body

A change, as they say, really is as good as a holiday. And, if you struggle to switch off mentally, let your body do it for you. If you normally play golf, swim in the sea, or go for long bike rides on your holidays, stick to the same activities now. You're home and, hopefully, have taken a few days leave, so there's nothing stopping you from changing gear and getting your body moving. Doing something purely physical, and concentrating on a task where you're physically active, will allow your brain to recharge. Crucial if you're going to start next year feeling somewhat rested.

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Work to a deadline

Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you know you're going on holiday tomorrow? Having a tight deadline can help you be more productive - especially if what you're working towards is a well-deserved break. So, in the days to come, set yourself certain deadlines and strive to get everything on your list done. Then, you can have a rest at home knowing you've put in the work.

So, even if you're staying home for the next few weeks, take some time to appreciate the break. And do what you can to create that relaxed holiday feeling. You'll start the year feeling that much more relaxed and refreshed. To learn more, check out Tony Crabbe's books, Busy: How to thrive in a world of too much and Busy@Home: How to thrive through the COVID crisis.

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