6 Software Development Principles To Take You To The Top

Every industry needs a certain set of guidelines to adhere to. They benefit those within the industry as well as those partnering on specific projects. For software engineers and developers, there are a few core principles that will help improve work standards, increase customer satisfaction and, generally, make sure anything that's produced is top quality. These 6 application principles should be at the centre of every job that's taken on. And, they'll help guide you no matter what type of app you're building...

6 software development principles to take you to the top

6 core software development principles

1). Know your customer

At every stage of your app development process, make sure you're putting the customer first. Keep the original goal in mind and keep asking yourself, 'How will this benefit the customer?' At the end of the day, you're working to fill a need and provide a useful service to the end-user. In terms of coding, this might mean writing new code for each unique project, rather than copying and pasting to make your life easier. Because, as we've said before, no two apps are the same.

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2). Learn to work smart

If you have multiple projects on the go, this is a crucial principle to learn and master. When you're building a complex app, you don't want to be wasting time on avoidable issues. Working smarter means you can eliminate duplicated or competing efforts, automate common tasks whenever possible, optimize time and resources, and keep your application efforts simple. You should also learn to make the most of the capabilities of a certain device, like camera, audio and GPS systems. Using existing hardware can help cut down on time and effort.

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3). Keep scalability in mind

Most developers understand this as being a core software development principle. You're in charge of making sure your app runs efficiently on multiple devices, because you never know if a customer is using a smartphone, tablet, or anything in between. You want the same high-quality user experience on any device, and it's all up to you and your design. Easy scalability will make your life simpler in the long run.

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4). Be aware of iOS and Android guidelines

Designing for iOS and Android is quite different, as any good developer would know. And, it's not enough to simply know what the various guidelines are, you have to understand the intricacies of these design principles and stay abreast of the latest changes. Apple and Android update their requirements and special user interface guidelines fairly often, so it's worth taking the time to keep up to date. These principles must be at the heart of your work.

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5). Test, test, test

Test often, and test early. While this is one of the standout software development principles, there are still loads of apps that are released without having been properly tested. Before any product is released, you must make sure that it's been tested and tested again. There's a reason the saying goes, 'testable software is quality software'.

6). Don't be afraid to fail

Obviously, developers want all their projects to be totally failure free. But that doesn't often happen. The best thing you can hope for is that when you go to test your software, you see it fail fast. New York tech company, Sygma Technology says, "When you get a null pointer exception, throw it out! This may require you to check every political or technical barrier you have quite early in the process, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort to ensure the final product is high-quality and free of errors." If you fail, fail early. Then move on.

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So go out there and create the best software development products you can. Hopefully, these principles offer some guidance toward building high-quality, user-centred applications and meaningful software.

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