5 Ways Tech Can Boost Workplace Productivity

There's no question that managing a team and motivating employees has become more challenging over the last few months. If you're working from home, you'll need clever digital solutions. And, if you're back in the office, opting for digital solutions and automated systems can hugely impact your work day. Recent insights from Forbes show how quickly the world adopted forms of business digitisation this year. According to the business magazine, 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place - or are working on one. And 55% of startups have adopted a digital business strategy. Creating a digital business model doesn't have to be scary. In fact, bringing tech into your business can help boost efficiency and, ultimately, increase revenue. Here are 5 ways tech can help improve workplace productivity...

5 ways tech can boost workplace productivity

How can tech improve workplace productivity?

Improve communication

No matter what industry you're in, or how long your company has been around for, communication will always be one of the most challenging aspects of business. And, as more of us work remotely, there's even more need for easy and reliable communication systems. This is where innovative technology and creative software development comes in. The right tech can provide simple communication channels with everything from team messengers to video calling apps. Better internal communication leads to increased productivity. And a generally happier workplace.

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Reduce errors

Vice President of Medium Business at Sage Africa, Gerhard Hartman says one of the major benefits of incorporating AI technology into your business is the dramatic decrease in errors. He says, AI is making daily life easier for everyone, as the systems are less prone to mistakes than a fallible human. Hartman says, 'AI can process data, unlock insights and make sense of data much faster than a human brain can.' It doesn't mean technology is replacing human jobs, as there will always be a need for someone to interpret AI findings. In the new business landscape, there's the perfect opportunity for people and tech to work together. All the while increasing productivity.

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Manage workflow

Keeping track of projects and staying on top of daily tasks is crucial if you want to be productive. Fortunately, there are various time tracking and project management software solutions available. If you have specific requirements, ask a software development team to design a bespoke solution. Or, if your needs are more general, try out some innovative apps like Wrike, Asana or Basecamp. These tools will undoubtedly help you keep up with workflow and manage your time more effectively. They're productivity gold.

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Quicker turnaround time

Hartman also credits business automation and digitisation with the ability to significantly reduce project turnaround times. He encourages using technology and software development solutions to help streamline operations so that fewer tasks need to be done manually. If tech can be used to populate and process data, crunch numbers and spot errors, then employees' time can be spent on other aspects of the job. The processes that were normally manually completed - and time consuming - are done by innovative technology, thereby improving the use of employees' time. The whole operation becomes more efficient and can be completed faster.

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Cleaner operations

Working in a cluttered, frantic environment is certainly not conducive to productivity and efficiency. In fact, it's very hard to get anything done if your work space is disorganised, messy and overrun with to-do lists and post-its. In a world full of chaos, focus goes out the window. Digital systems can help you get rid of the clutter, so that your physical and digital work space is streamlined and neat. Imagine if all you needed was a laptop with a connected web browser and work tool stack. How simple life would be and how productive you'd be able to be. And, if your work environment is organised, it'll help your mind feel calmer and quieter, too.

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