5 Tech Innovations Changing The World

So far, the year 2020 has been nothing less than extreme. And, we're all a bit uncertain of what the future holds. But, not even a global pandemic like COVID-19 can slow the technological revolution we're a part of. Every day, tech innovations are made and updated by some of the brightest minds in the world. Here, we learn more about the top 5 tech innovations that are changing our world...

5 tech innovations changing the world

These 5 tech innovations are changing the world we live in

Driverless Cars

We know about Elon Musk and his continual search for tech that could change our world. And, self-drive autonomous vehicles are an example of exactly that. Already, we've seen prototypes of these vehicles on the road and companies like Tesla are actively encouraging consumers to try their driverless cars. Now, there are more companies such as Nio and Nikola in the self-drive vehicle race. And, experts predict that before driverless cars take over our roads, we'll see more and more driverless trucks. Self-drive delivery and logistics vehicles are a huge trend at the moment and could very quickly change the way we do things. As they say, logistics makes the world go round.

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The 'original' cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched to the public back in 2009. Today, one Bitcoin is worth around R150 000. This success gave rise to the creation of thousands more cryptocurrencies, which are now available to be bought and exchanged on various trading platforms. Already, companies all over the world are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. So feel free to buy an artwork on Etsy and pay with your Bitcoin.

The latest innovation in the cryptocurrency world? An online platform called Blockchain.com where you can buy, store and trade various cryptocurrencies. Experts are asking... Is this the future of finance and foreign exchange?

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AI and Robotics

A few years ago, we were nervous of this new tech term everyone was talking about - Artificial Intelligence. But it doesn't refer to ET and his alien friends. AI deals with the inter-connectedness of devices and the most efficient use of 'machine intelligence'. Today, it's being used to improve systems and operations in industries from construction and manufacturing to farming.

And, on the robotics front? Back in 2014, Japanese inventors introduced us to the first Pepper robot. Today they're being used in classrooms, in banks, at reception desks and in homes all over the world. Pepper was the world's first social humanoid robot, designed to interact with humans. And, more and more, robots are being used to carry out certain tasks. US-based company, Boston Dynamics has made a name for itself creating a variety of robot assistants to help in factories or on the battlefield. Their latest addition to the robotics world, Spot, is something to behold. Check it out here...

The Genomic Revolution

Using the latest technological innovations, and knowledge from doctors specialising in genome sequencing and analysis, the genomic - or genetic - revolution is set to be the next big thing in the field of medicine. A leading technology in this life-changing field is CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats). This is a gene-splicing technology that has the capacity to identify and remove mutated sections of DNA material. As well as replace that material with non-mutated variants. For us, it could mean the end of genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome.

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Augmented Reality

We've heard of virtual reality, and augmented/mixed reality is the next step in this technological advancement. Augmented reality refers to an interactive experience where 'items' from virtual reality and the real world are combined. Real-world objects are enhanced using computer-generated innovations to create a new visual, auditory and sensory experience.

This technology is being used in various fields to simulate real-life scenarios. It's popular in high-tech military programmes where Tactical Augmented Reality is used to train soldiers and enhance a real-world operation. Experts suggest it'll one day replace night-vision goggles and hand-held GPS systems.

Because the world of technology is constantly improving and evolving, there's almost no telling where the future will take us. But, it's bound to be filled with the best tech innovations and solutions to make our world an even more interesting and exciting place.

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