5 Brilliant SA Apps That Are Disrupting Their Industry

According to the latest numbers, there are over 3 million apps available to download on Google Play. And, as innovative entrepreneurs and companies all over the world come up with new app development ideas, this number is just going to keep rising. It's exciting for us to be playing in this field and helping big and small business owners bring their ideas to light. Some entrepreneurs have concentrated their developments on helping relieve some of the problems unique to South Africa. In this way, tech is assisting in providing solutions for social and economic challenges. These 5 brilliant local apps are disrupting their industry, and showing what a power-house tech landscape South Africa really has.

5 brilliant SA apps that are disrupting their industry

5 local apps disrupting their industry


This brilliant local app has definitely disrupted the traditional domestic worker industry. Launched in 2014, SweepSouth helps connect experienced, vetted cleaners to thousands of home owners who need their assistance. They employ over 15 000 women and also help to upskill employees who want to take their careers further. It's the Uber of the domestic service world and many customers are unlikely to go back to the old way of doing things.

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Yoco Point Of Sale

If you're a small business owner, you'll likely already know about the innovative fintech startup company called Yoco. They discovered a gap in the market for convenient, easy to use, wireless credit card readers that changed the way businesses accept credit card payments. Traditionally, small and medium businesses had to invest in clumsy and costly credit card machines that linked to one of the big local banks. Now, Yoco offers a more affordable, more reliable alternative.

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In the world of finance and cryptocurrency, this app has made big waves. Started in South Africa, it now operates in countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Nigeria. Luno made it possible for people in South Africa to easily buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform provides a secure crypto wallet and trading exchange so that anyone can explore or master crypto trading. They may have started small, but they're now a prominent global player disrupting the world of finance.

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Last year, this major disruptor in the insurance industry won a whopping R22 million in funding from American global venture challenge, VentureClash. If this isn't proof that this tech company is a big player, we don't know what is. At it's core, Pineapple offers an alternative to traditional insurance methods. Co-founder Marnus van Heerden said they developed a business model where contributors would benefit from low insurance pay-outs, rather than the insurers. Pineapple insures everything from phones to footwear.

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According to an article on News24, this software company 'has rapidly become one of the most exciting tech companies to emerge from the country'. It's even attracted a few international investors. Xineoh promises to predict consumer behaviour using advanced AI technology. It helps you gain customer insights and data so that you can cut down on costs and solve business problems. This kind of machine learning recommendation engine has been used in massive international companies, but Xineoh is available for small, medium or big enterprises. Clients include Jet and PWC.

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