4 Apps To Help Bring Your Digital Photos To Life

When was the last time you scrolled through the many images on your phone? Or even on that smart camera you're still not entirely sure how to use? We're constantly taking pictures of everything from beautiful scenery to our perfectly-plated food, and yet we hardly ever enjoy these images once the flash has gone off. If you want to move your photographs out of the digital world so you can appreciate them in real life, we've got a few tech-savvy ways to do that. These 4 innovative apps and websites will help you bring your digital pictures to life...

4 Apps To Help You Bring Your Digital Photos To Life

Apps to create photobooks online


One of the best ways to appreciate your digital photographs is with a custom-made photobook. We don't mean the worn out sticky albums you used to page through as a child, but the tech-driven modern version of that. And, with Burble, it's as easy as selecting a template, uploading your images and pressing print. This online software allows you to choose the photobook of your liking and develop an album to suit your budget. The site is user-friendly and the options are affordable. Plus, book binders use the same techniques and equipment for book runs, so you know you're getting a quality product.

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Canon South Africa Photobooks

Perhaps considered the original photo printing company, and still a trusted one in SA. Using advanced imaging technology, Canon helps you create top-quality photobooks and it's super easy to use. Either download the free software, or spend some time online creating your own album. Once you've fine-tuned your product, submit it online and you'll get a quality photobook delivered to your door. No mess, no fuss.

Orms Print Room

Not only can you create custom photobooks with Orms, but you can get more creative with how you want to bring those digital photos to life. Choose from a range of photo gifts from calendars and mouse pads to coffee mugs. It's simple enough to upload the images you'd like to use and you can choose from selected templates so there's less crafty work for you. If you're not sure which picture to choose, ask for expert help from one of the designers - for that professional touch.

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Foto First

Another trusted photo company in SA - remember taking your disposable cameras to them after a family holiday? Technology has come a long way since then, but it's great to see we're still using reliable service providers. These printing specialists offer a range of photobook options where you can choose matt or glossy paper finishes. They also come on soft and hardcover books. Because the company has been around for a while, they understand the importance of competitive pricing, so look out for special deals and discounts on social media. With them, you're guaranteed a great way to look back on holidays and special occasions.

Check out these 3 cool photo-editing apps...


Transform images in seconds with this easy-to-use application. You can play with pictures, creating various filters, textures and frames so your images look unique and edited like a pro. If you're looking for an easy way to edit your camera roll, check out this smart yet simple tool. Free for Android and iOS.

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A Colour Story

This app features over 300 editing options from moveable effects to custom filters. It's super trendy so expect some out-there options and colours that pop. Top photographers were asked to design the filters, so you know you're getting an expert offering. And, if you want to streamline your gallery and batch edit everything in one go, A Color Story makes it easy for you. Free for Android and iOS.


For the food-obsessed among us. Or those who are just very proud when they manage to create a complete meal. This app lets you know when is the perfect time to snap your dish, using the easy and accurate smart guide for top-down photos. There are also loads of filters, from Tropical, Picnic and Sweet to Fresh, BBQ, and Crispy. You can also shoot vivid live videos of your dining experiences. Foodie will no doubt make any meal look even more delicious. Free for Android and iOS.

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