3 Innovative Ways AI Is Being Used To Improve Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is making waves in so many industries - from retail to healthcare. And, it has the potential to be a major part of the software development process. AI is becoming known as a technology that turns traditional practices on their head, and disrupts various ways of doing things. In the software development world, it can be used to make processes simpler and help dev teams reduce their workload. Currently, there are at least 3 ways AI is being used in software development. We learn more about this innovative tech partnership below...

3 Innovative Ways AI Is Being Used To Improve Software Development

3 ways AI can improve software development

1). Code Generation

One of the ways AI is currently being used is to replace tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. And, developers will tell you that certain stages of code generation are both of those things. Projects can require large sections of repeated code, used in multiple places with little or no variation. This is known as boilerplate code. To prevent developers from having to write this code on their own, some dev houses are using AI technology to create 'smart code' options. Like the 'Smart Compose' feature in Gmail that allows you to click one button rather than typing out a whole sentence. This use of AI in software development helps save time for the developers, and improves consistency throughout a project.

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2). Testing

The software development life cycle covers many different stages. And, if you follow the agile approach, quality assurance testing is a huge part of that cycle. While some frameworks offer solutions to the time-consuming task of testing software and apps, some developers have looked to AI to help them make it more efficient.

Not only can AI be used to identify errors in code as it's being written but, over time, it can also start to construct useful insights to predict where these errors are likely to occur in future, based on the source code. Regression testing can be a laborious process, and AI can help make it quicker and more effective. Leaving you time to tackle more complex development tasks.

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3). Deployment

Most errors are caught during the quality assurance testing period of software development. But, quite often, some bugs slip through. These are then identified and corrected during deployment. To help streamline the deployment phase, developers are using AI-powered software to monitor the process and roll back irregular code. This means final errors can be caught before the project goes live.

Because the deployment phase can be lengthy - especially if more errors come up - AI-powered software is used to help speed up the process. It also helps reduce downtime if something goes wrong and the code needs to be revised in certain places. By making the most of AI technology during software deployment, you cut down on manual monitoring and save your team valuable work hours. It also helps keep overtime hours low, thereby reducing extra costs in the software development budget.

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These are by no means the only ways AI is being used in software and app development. And, as more and more developers adopt AI-powered technology, we'll see new methods and innovations all the time. Often, software developers are on the frontline of technological innovation, keen to experiment and be part of early adoption. AI seems to be here to stay, so we'll keep looking out for how and why it's being used in software development.

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