10 Simple Ways To Market Your New Mobile App

So you and your team have worked relentlessly on your new mobile app development project. And now it's ready to be launched into the wide digital world. What next? How do you make sure your mobile app gets the attention it deserves? With so many unique applications being launched into the market every day, it's important to promote yours thoroughly and successfully. Here are a few simple ways to market your new mobile app...

10 Simple Ways To Market Your New Mobile App

How to market a new mobile application

1). Put in some pre-launch effort

Rather than leaving your marketing plan until the last minute, spend some time developing a strategy beforehand. Create a website, blog and landing page to increase brand awareness and visibility. Then, develop these platforms so that you can be seen as an expert in your field even before the app is launched. This phase is all about spreading the word in the right circles.

2). Create unique content

Once your platforms are up and running, it's important to populate them with intriguing and unique content. A promotional video, or even a teaser video is a good idea as it translates well on blogs, websites and on social media. Develop core content and spread it as widely as possible. Work on encouraging backlinks and establishing a strong domain authority.

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3). Have a paid strategy

No matter how brilliant your app is, or what niche problem it solves, you might have to spend a bit to get it noticed. Consumers' attention is spread thin at the moment, so think about where you want to spend your money. LinkedIn is a great place to start, and you could consider paid advertising on Instagram and Twitter. Think about who your target audience is and where they're most likely to see your product. Google Search ads are also an option.

4). Focus on App Store Optimisation (ASO)

According to Apple, 65% of apps are discovered from a direct search in the App Store. So it's important to get your App Store page ranking as high as possible. A high page ranking depends on factors like title and keywords, so think carefully about copy. The great thing is that once your app is ranked highly, it'll continue to rank for months after. And, the higher it ranks, the more visible it becomes, the more likely people are to hit 'download'.

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5). Contact experts in the industry

There's a lot to be said for getting on the good side of respected - and influential - people in the industry. There are several ways to go about this, from reaching out to bloggers and influencers to asking an editor to use and review your product. Don't be too pushy if people aren't interested, but be prepared to make the process worth their while. A bit of spend might come in here, too. But it'll be worth it if it gets your product talked about.

6). Encourage reviews

There are loads of app review sites out there, so keep digging until you find ones that suit your niche. Obviously, first prize is to be featured on the big tech blogs, but don't underestimate the following some smaller review sites have. And, encourage regular users to review the app as well. This might include building a review popup within the app, but make sure it's conveniently and appropriately placed. You don't want to chase loyal users away.

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7). Retain users

Once you've got people using and talking about your app, it's crucial to keep them interested - this increases your chances of yielding more business in future. Create good communication channels between you and your users with things like pop-up messages or notifications, and push notifications. You also need to ask users for feedback so you can continuously be meeting their needs and taking their suggestions on board. Users want to know their contributions are appreciated.

8). Offer incentives

There are loads of options here, so pick a strategy that suits your company and your product. An incentive could be anything from a referral bonus for users who promote your app online, to giveaways, discounts or contests. You may have to give a little in the beginning, but you'll get a lot out of these incentives in the long run. Everyone loves a bit of competition, and the appeal of a special deal, so it's a sure-fire way to get people talking.

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9). Make the most of social media

It's become a serious tool in the marketing world, and for good reason - social media marketing delivers results. It's not as simple as copying and pasting a link, because what you post on social media needs to grab peoples' attention. You want to be intriguing and interesting, to encourage the most number of clicks and shares. Whatever you post needs to add value.

10). Keep up and stay agile

Marketing isn't something you can set up and then forget about. You need to keep track of analytics and make sure you're adjusting strategies and goals accordingly. The mobile app world is fast-paced and ever-changing so it's important to stay ahead of the game and make sure you're offering users what they really need.

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