10 Reasons To Build A Mobile App In 2021

Let's face it, people all over the world are conducting more of their lives from mobile phones. From business meetings to the weekly grocery shop. That's why the term 'mobile-first' has taken off in the last few years. And why, in 2021, we're hearing that the future is mobile. If you want to access the billions of smart phones in the world, and compete with the 2.5 million apps on Google Play, it's time to start making smart mobile app moves. Here are 10 great reasons why you should consider building a mobile app in 2021...

10 Reasons To Build A Mobile App In 2021

10 reasons to build a mobile app now

1). Additional revenue

Mobile apps can generate additional revenue for your company in three main ways. Firstly, because they make it easier for customers to shop on the go - all they need is their phone. Secondly, because it's often quicker and more convenient than shopping on a website. And thirdly, because your app may grow to be in such high demand that you can start charging for it, or selling in-app advertising.

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2). Cost-effective marketing

Marketing strategies are becoming increasingly complicated as everyone and everything is fighting for customers' attention. And, when compared to traditional marketing and advertising costs, pushing notifications to your users is relatively cheap. And it's the easiest and most effective way of informing them of everything from speed sales to new products.

3). No call centres

A good mobile app will provide customers with the basic information they need, without them having to contact a call centre. That means you can cut down on all those additional costs to serve. Automation makes this process much simpler.

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4). More foot traffic

In the sense that anyone with a smart phone is a potential customer. So you don't depend on location-based foot traffic at all. You can gauge whether your market would prefer to shop on a mobile app by checking to see how many people access your website via a mobile device. You're also increasing buying options for customers who simply prefer to shop that way.

5). Better customer experience

Conducting business on a mobile app is quick and efficient. At the touch of a button, customers can start a web chat, make a transaction, or view new services. GPS functions allow you to give users location-based information and cameras make things like augmented reality possible. And, while some websites don't look great on phone screens, a mobile app will have been specifically built for that platform. It's an all-round better experience.

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6). Beat the competition

These days, offering your customers the choice to conduct business on their mobile phone gives you an important competitive edge. You can position your company as tech-driven and be seen as a differentiator in your field. And, with custom-built features, you can give users exactly what they need. The possibilities are endless.

7). Increase visibility

While most people don't keep loads of website tabs open on their laptops all day, a mobile app is always there - sitting quietly on the home screen reminding users that it's there. Your brand could be embedded in customers' pockets, sending a subtle reminder to check it out every time they look at their phone. This increases visibility and accessibility, because your business is at their fingertips.

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8). Speed up processes

In today's white hot world, time is the ultimate commodity. And no one wants to wait for websites and pages to load on their mobile phones - it can be a clumsy process. Mobile apps should be instant and accessible, and some can even function without access to the internet. If you can design your app to be speedy and efficient, you'll find yourself at the front of the race.

9). Learn from customers

Another reason to build a mobile app is that it opens communication channels between you and your customers. Users can give instant feedback through an in-app survey, or make suggestions in web chats. You also have access to reviews on app stores to help you give users the service they need.

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10). Cut out the middle man

Mobile apps offer you the chance to really get to know your customers, from who and where they are to what they want from your business. The more you know, the better experience you can provide and the more likely you are to stay in control of the customer relationship. The data and analytics is right there for you to access, without any middlemen.

There's never been a better time to get in on the mobile app game. So, in 2021, make the decision to take your business to the next level.

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