10 Most Inspiring Podcasts Of 2020: To Keep You Motivated!

We're nearing the end of winter - a particularly taxing one. And perhaps energy levels are running a bit low. To keep you motivated for the next few weeks, we've made a list of the best and most inspiring podcasts to lift your spirits. And boost your confidence. From productivity tips to being more mindful, these podcasts are bound to improve your mood.

10 most inspiring podcasts of 2020 to keep you motivated

Top 10 inspiring podcasts of 2020

The GaryVee Audio Experience

American entrepreneur and social media mogul, Gary Vaynerchuk has some interesting insights to impart. In his motivational podcast, you'll find everything from marketing advice to inspiring anecdotes about Gary's personal journey. If you're looking for a high energy mentor to tell it like it is, this guy is right up your street.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

America's former First Lady, and one of the most highly-read authors of 2019. If you loved her best-selling memoir, Becoming, you'll love Michelle Obama's candid and informative podcast. Learn more about how relationships can shape you into who you are. And be inspired by guests like Conan O'Brien, Michele Morris and, of course, Barak Obama.

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Author, blogger and public speaker Gretchen Rubin has penned many a motivational read. Her 2009 release, The Happiness Project became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, and a hit all over the world. This enlightening podcast will teach you to walk with a spring in your step. And keep you practising healthy life habits for many years to come.

The Joe Rogan Experience

In this alternative podcast series, comedian Joe Rogan speaks to everyone from singer Post Malone and skateboarder Tony Hawk to tech genius, Elon Musk. During the COVID-19 isolation period, Rogan ramped up his podcast game, releasing a new interview every few days. His conversations are interesting and inspiring, and great if you're also looking for a laugh.

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TED Talks Daily

By signing up for this podcast, you'll get access to intriguing and informative talks by the world's great thinkers every day of the week. The talks/podcasts are hosted by American broadcast journalist Elise Hu. And she picks the minds of people like Jane Fonda and Dan Gilbert, tackling everything from social media and depression to Artificial Intelligence. This is curated content at its best.

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Who wouldn't want to spend a portion of their day hearing from the one and only Oprah? This podcast series is great if you're looking for instant inspiration. Here, Oprah explores some of the world's biggest issues and topics. And, though the series was first launched in 2017, the number of downloads shows no sign of slowing down. Hear from activist and Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai as well as feminist leader Gloria Steinem. To name a few...

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The One You Feed

Answering the age-old question about which internal wolf will win? The good or bad? This thought-provoking podcast offers some much-needed life wisdom. In each talk, industry experts share their knowledge on a range of subjects, from anxiety and addiction to meditation, mindfulness and making positive behaviour changes. The teachings are invaluable.

The Pomp Podcast

For all those tech and finance nerds, this one is for you. Here, Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano keeps you up to date on everything finance, business and bitcoin related. He's an American entrepreneur and investor with a lot to say about making money and being successful. His guests will have you itching to get into the investment game. And thinking twice about the future of crypto.

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The Good Life Project

This is one of the most well-known motivational podcasts available at the moment, and definitely worth a listen. Award-winning author Jonathan Fields hosts the podcast interviews, chatting to real people who have overcome challenges and risen above it all to bravely take on each day with inspired purpose. It'll motivate you to achieve your dream, change the way you work, or even drive you to conquer the world. Anything is possible.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The man who came up with the idea for a 4-Hour Work Week, is impressive in this podcast. This is for those small business owners and entrepreneurs in need of a bit of extra inspiration. Tim shares practical insights like time-management tips, as well as advice on how to start your day right. His star-studded guest list includes LeBron James, Ray Dalio and Edward Norton.

Whether you check out one or all of these inspiring and motivational podcasts, we hope this has been helpful. Here's to a super successful summer of 2020!

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