10 Easy Ways To Get More Fun Out Of Life

To try this weekend... Things at the moment seem pretty serious. And, if you let yourself, you can get bogged down by the chaos going on in the world. But, if you'd rather learn to look on the bright side, these top 10 tips will help you do just that. Not everything needs to be earnest and downcast. Right now, we could all do with a bit more fun in our lives, from going on an adventure to tackling a team challenge. It's time to rediscover your inner child and let loose with adrenaline highs and laughs out loud. Here are 10 easy ways to get more fun out of life...

10 easy ways to get more fun out of life

How to get more fun out of life

1). Get creative

One of the easiest ways to inject some fun into your life. Give adult colouring a go, take a painting or pottery class, try learning an instrument. You don't have to be particularly good at any of these things, but having a positive creative outlet will help balance out the serious side of life. Add beers or bubbles to any of these tasks and you've got a party.

2). Go zorbing

Remember how good it felt as a kid to be thrown around on a roller coaster or tipped upside down by a fun uncle? Well, there are adult equivalents to these adrenaline-inducing games that will remind you to get more fun out of life. Try a liberating new physical challenge like zorbing or zip lining to get out of your comfort zone. Go with a group and you're guaranteed a few laughs.

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3). Burst into song

No one's expecting you to be the next Freddie Mercury, so don't be shy to sing in the car, in the shower, at home while you're washing the dishes. Singing has been known to be an excellent stress reliever and also helps you sleep better. It releases mood-boosting endorphins that will help improve your overall outlook on life. Plus, it's pretty fun.

4). Travel from home

Can't get to any of your bucket-list destinations this year? Don't be too depressed just yet. If you set your mind to it, you can create a pretty great trip from your living room. Pick a country, read the travel guide or a novel set in that part of the world, cook that area's signature dishes. You'll learn a lot about a place so that when you do visit one day you'll know what to expect. Airbnb also has brilliant online experiences to try anytime.

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5). Turn up the volume

Did you know that music triggers the same part of the brain as food and sex do? It releases the happy hormone, dopamine. That's why you feel so good jamming to your favourite tracks in the car or at home after a long day at work. Music is a sure-fire mood improver. So update those Spotify playlists and get ready to turn up the volume on your top tunes.

6). Go coastal

When last did you take a trip to the sea? And, as soon as you step out of the car and breathe in that fresh ocean air, feel the stress seeping from your bones? The smell of the seaside is caused by dimethyl sulphide gas. A lungful of this instantly lifts your mood. So pack the car, load up the kids and take a spontaneous trip to the sea. Doesn't get more fun than that.

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7). Try a treasure hunt

Ever heard of the adult treasure hunting game called geocaching? It's become quite a trend. Use GPS to find geocaches - waterproof boxes containing unique treasures, as well as a logbook, pen and paper. These geocaches are left in specific locations and you decide how near or far you want the hunt to take place. This fun pastime is good exercise and will bring out the kid in you.

8). Attempt an escape

Feel like tackling a team challenge that's a bit out of the ordinary? Inject some fun into your next team outing and book a session at an Escape Room near you. These complex puzzle rooms will help you think outside the box and bring your group together as you decipher clues and solve puzzles. Get the problem solving juices flowing in a fun, unusual way...

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9). Ditch perfection

It isn't attainable anyway. Rather than waiting for the perfect time, or the perfect place to do something, ditch the expectations and do it now. Sometimes the most fun is had when you least expect it. And when things seem to be going decidedly imperfectly. No matter what else is going on, decide to have fun now.

10). Forget what 'they' think

Other people holding you back from doing what makes you happy? Worried they'll judge you or think you're weird? Turns out, other people are all much more involved in their own lives than they are in yours. They probably won't even notice you've taken to wearing Crocs or spending Friday nights watching MacGyver reruns. So forget about other people and concentrate on making you and the ones you love happy.

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