10 Best Business Ideas You Could Still Start In 2020

Even though we're heading towards the end of the year, there's no need to delay your brilliant business idea. If you've been on the job hunt for a while and are thinking about starting your own small business instead, now might be the perfect time. Even through COVID-19 and the various lockdowns, these small business ideas could get you back on track. Start it as a side business, start it from home, and see how the project goes. Be inspired by these 10 best small business ideas that could still work in 2020...

10 best business ideas you could still start in 2020

10 best business ideas in 2020

Digital marketing

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, many small and medium enterprises are focusing on getting their businesses back on track. And getting their name back out there. When you want to cut through the digital clutter on the internet and make a company really stand out, you call for the skills of a talented digital marketer. If you understand content marketing, web development and know your way around SEO, starting a small digital marketing business could be the right move for you. There's a sure demand.

Transcription services

This is a great option for 2020, because it allows you to work from home and structure your work day as you please. If you have a regular nine-to-five you don't want to let go of, you could easily work as a transcriber in the evenings or after hours to bring in a bit more cash. To make a success of transcription, you need to have a good ear, great typing skills, a reliable computer and top internet service. Way With Words is a good place to start, and if you want to charge more or move up the ranks, look at getting a transcription certificate.

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Copywriting services

Another good option if you're happy to work from home as a freelancer. Copywriters have excellent writing skills and a great understanding of the English language. And they know a thing or two about marketing and attracting attention. As a copywriter, you could do anything from create blog posts and digital content to compile press releases and social media posts. There's an interesting variety of work and if you have a core group of reliable clients, this could become your full-time job.

App development

One of the booming services to come out of 2020! As a result of this year's upheaval, many small business owners have realised the importance of having a strong online presence and being able to cater to your customers' needs on a variety of platforms. This is where software and app developers come in. And, as people come up with new ways of making money, or new ways of running their businesses, they'll need app developers to bring their ideas to light. If you're good with coding programmes, enjoy solving problems and love making things work seamlessly, app development could be for you.

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As the world gets smaller and businesses become more global, the need for capable translators is growing and growing. Companies deal with overseas clients, and things like documents or even websites need to be translated into several different languages. If you have a knack for languages, and are perhaps already multi-lingual, you could quite easily set yourself up as a private freelance translator. Your services will certainly be needed.

Online tutoring

Another big trend to come out of 2020 is digital and online learning. Everyone from primary school students to Honours graduates have been forced to complete their studies remotely. This meant educators had to get used to teaching online, and that isn't as easy as it sounds. There was a gap for talented tutors who could guide students through their studies remotely. Online tutoring requires diligence and dedication and you have to love teaching and working with students. A plus? You also get to work from home.

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Video production

Another area that grows as the economy gets back up and running. Especially when everyone becomes more obsessed with online video content - whether it's for a website, blog or social media account. If you're a natural behind the camera and know how to cut, edit and publish videos, there's a small business opportunity in this for you. As with other ideas, you could start small and continue with your regular employment. And, when you've learnt the ropes, turn your hobby into a full-blown business. Take the leap!

Pet sitting

What does everyone want to do after they've been stuck at home for months? Travel! And when the provincial borders were opened, so many of us immediately got out of the house to hit the open road. But who's there to look after your pets when you're on a much-needed vacation? Pet sitters are in demand at the moment, so whether you do it privately as a side business, or set it up as an official small business, you'll be meeting a specific need. If you're an animal lover with a sense for business, this could make you money.

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Professional home organiser

You wouldn't necessarily think of this as a sustainable business idea, but 2020 might have provided the best time to start a venture in this industry. People have been at home for months, and probably need a bit of help re-organising their space. Look at the success of Marie Kondo and her Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. Minimalism and downsizing are major trends right now, and you could help people achieve their goals. If you're highly organised and precise, this could be the perfect small business for you.

IT support

It looks like the 'work from home' trend is here to stay, which means we're all now managing our own IT issues. No longer can we simply call downstairs to the IT guy who'll be there in minutes to re-install software, check the hard drive or update your system. Private IT service providers are all the rage, especially because it means you can work for yourself, in your own hours and create a loyal list of clients. Some companies are even looking to replace their in-house IT departments with freelance providers to cut down on costs. Being an IT nerd has never been more attractive.

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